The Team

 Tim Caswell is the founder and managing director of Hourbike Ltd

Tim's background is in software development, working for many years as a software consultant at Oracle Corp in Londond. In 2004 Tim joined the sustainable transport consultancy Vipre UK Ltd as Country Manager, subsequently purchasing the company from its US owners in 2007. Vipre specialises in the development and implementation of travel behaviour change programmes. It was as a part of these initiatives to get more people cycling that the Hourbike concept was born. Many of the skills and approach used for behaviour change in converting non-cyclists to regular cycle use can and should be applied in mass public bicycle sharing projects.

Tim was born in Yorkshire in 1964, was educated at Pocklington and at Plymouth University. He has a young family.
tim caswell

Hourbike outsources much of the professional services required to expert organisations that have a proven track record in their field, be it electronics, fabrication, web development, or marketing. This  team have all helped in developing the policies and practices that Hourbike operate under.

Tim can be contacted via the email address info* (note please replace the * with an @ - this is done to reduce spam