Bike Sharing Operations


Hourbike has been developing and operating automated bike sharing schemes in the UK and Ireland since 2006. The largest of which is in Blackpool, where the locations for 400 bikes are currently being planned. We provide a full service operation for all steps in the development and operation of a scheme, including pre-development activities such as feasibility assessments.

All of our schemes operate as part of the Hourbike Network - allowing individual brands to be developed locally for each city whilst retaining the advantage that all members can use the bikes for any other city in the network.

The picture opposite shows a stand of bikes outside the Solaris meeting centre, as part of the
Cycle Blackpool scheme in the distinctive purple and yellow livery.

  Rental bikes are Solaris Centre as part of Blackpool's Bike Sharing Scheme.

We believe we can offer a unique solution for public authorities looking to take advantage of the benefits of public bike systems :

  • A modern technical solution that is designed to be quick to install, flexible in its configuration and easy to use.
  • A range of street furniture options that it elegant yet makes best use of available space without costly connections to mains power or hard wired broadband services.
  • Flexibility to lock a range of different bicycles - or other vehicle types without costly changes to the system.
  • An operations approach that is customised to each location and seeks to both partner with and benefit local businesses.
  • And an open technical architecture that makes any investment future proofed in an age of fast technical change.

Please contact us if you would like more information. Contact details are in the About Us section.