Equipment Distribution




As an experienced operator, Hourbike is uniquely experienced to provide all the hardware, software and operating procedures necessary to other organisations looking to operate their first bike sharing scheme. This may be a city authority wanting to own and operate their own scheme, or an organisation looking to provide a bike sharing operations service. Specifically we can provide :

  • The hardware of the system - the stands, locks, consoles, communication equipment and all necessary components.
  • The software to manage the physical system.
  • A website with built in e-commerce capability already integrated to the rental system.
  • A management information module providing key reports on activity and performance.
  • An asset maintenance module that has been specifically written for managing and maintaining the bikes to strict insurance requirements.
  • Operational procedures that utilise the above to ensure a properly managed scheme.
  • Marketing materials; templates and strategies for alternative revenue generation.
  • Consulting assistance and support at every step based on real and current experience.

Physical equipment is purchased, software and procedures are provided on a licenced basis.

The rental components we use and supply (locks, console, and associated software) are made by and is latest generation equipment, but with a mature history having been under continuous development since the first rental system was produced nearly 10 years ago. The current version is smart card operated using cellular wireless communication methods over the internet to a central server. providing real time access and control. It is also battery powered (solar or turbine charged), which means that no connection to mains power services is required,  reducing installation cost and timescales considerably, as well as making the stations more mobile.

Using our operations experience of managing the maintenance and movement logistics of large numbers of bicycles, we have developed our own datawarehouse for reporting and asset management on top of the Homeport system. This is under continuous development, as the process of learning and improvement with these schemes never ends. Licencees of this software will therefore benefit from the ongoing experiences of a wide range of bike sharing scheme types.

Please contact us if you would like more information. Contact details are in the About Us section.