Welcome to Bicycle Sharing Systems.com, also the home of Hourbike Ltd, the UK's leading bike sharing operator. If you want to see details of where Hourbike operates, or join one of the Hourbike schemes as a member, please visit the operations website www.hourbike.com

If you are new to the concept of bike sharing, we have a short description, video and links to other websites specialising in news and information about bicycle sharing here.

Hourbike is currently operating a number of key bike sharing schemes in the UK, using the latest generation smart card and cellular managed rental equipment produced by the Homeport company in the Czech Republic.

Following demand from organisations wishing to become bike sharing operators but who have not developed their own bike sharing systems, Hourbike can now supply a complete package solution to enable a successful first operation.

Please click on Services to see what we are able to provide, or download a copy of our brochure here.